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North Carolina Resident Hits $25,000 a Year for Life Schlotz

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North Carolina Resident Hits $25,000 a Year for Life Schlotzsky

  AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- When Schlotzsky''s? launched its first Online Winning Combination Game and offered a different kind of fresh- from-scratch bread (i.e., money), two customers got more than just a high quality Original? sandwich. "Since we''re known for our funny name and serious sandwiches, we wanted to have some serious fun with our recent online promotion," says Steve Romaniello, president and CEO of FOCUS Brands Inc.? and Schlotzsky''s. "Between the two winners'' earnings, looks like we definitely lived up to our mission to ''FOCUS'' on making people happy!"

$25,000 a Year for Life Grand Prize Winner

Candy Lawson of Shelby, N.C. has been a Schlotzsky''s fan for a long time, but now she has thousands of reasons to love the brand and its wide variety of fresh, high quality sandwiches, salads, soups, pizzas and more. When she bought dinner at the Gastonia location, she also got the Online Winning Combination game piece that hit the $25,000 a year for life jackpot.

"This is the type of thing you think could never happen to you, but it does!" Lawson exclaims. "I didn''t even play the game until the day after I got the piece. When I entered my code and the screen said I won, I didn''t believe it at first. I kept thinking, ''This can''t be real!'' It hit me hard when the first check came, and I was so in awe of it, it literally took my breath away! Someone else had to open it for me and tell me it was real."

Lawson, who has worked as a Sprint-Nextel sales representative for two years, is thrilled about the opportunities her newfound earnings will afford her and her loved ones. "The grand prize has truly been life changing," she says. "Now I can move with my boyfriend and our son to Oregon to build a house and be with my family, and I might go back to college. It''s really nice to have the freedom to do some things we couldn''t do before."

Franchisee Philip Liu owns the Gastonia location and is delighted to have played a role in Lawson''s exhilaration. "My crew members and I feel wonderful that we were able to help Candy," he says. "We''re always enthusiastic about promotions like the Online Winning Combination game and encourage our customers to participate because you never know; you might win!"

Grand Prize "Big Check" Presentation*

To congratulate Lawson, Schlotzsky''s will hold a "big check" presentation Thurs., Nov. 29 from 1:30 to 2 pm EST at 3735 East Franklin Blvd. in Gastonia, NC 28056. The phone number for the store is 704-824-3611.

* Photos will be available upon request following the presentation.

$10,000 Sweepstakes Winner

Lawson isn''t the only one who didn''t have to go to Vegas to hit the jackpot, nor is she the only one who was initially incredulous about winning. Chesapeake, Va. resident Rick Conaway won the $10,000 sweepstakes thanks to the game piece he received from one of the Virginia Beach locations.

"I forgot about the random sweepstakes drawing or that I even played because my game piece didn''t unlock the code for the grand prize," Conaway recalls. "When I got an e-mail saying I won the $10,000 sweepstakes, I didn''t believe it at first, but sure enough, I did! I got $10 from a lottery ticket one time and was happy with that, so this experience has been really exciting."

A retired Naval and junior ROTC instructor, Conaway is eager to put his winnings to good use. "My wife and I recently bought a new house and are finishing up some projects, so we might put some of the money towards bills and landscaping. I might donate some of it to our church, too; I just don''t want to waste it."

"That''s really something that Rick won!" said Larry Speas, owner of the Virginia Beach location. "He''s been a Schlotzsky''s customer for quite some time, and he''s a great guy, so my team and I couldn''t be happier for him."

About Schlotzsky''s?

Since 1971, Schlotzsky''s? has been the home of The Original? toasted sandwich. The menu has evolved with customers'' tastes to include the highest quality sandwiches, pizzas, salads, and soups available today. With approximately 365 locations worldwide, Schlotzsky''s is the fast-casual choice for a quick, healthful, and fresh dining experience. For additional information and locations near you, visit

About FOCUS Brands Inc. ?

FOCUS Brands Inc. is the franchisor and operator of over 2,100 ice cream stores, bakeries, restaurants, and cafes in the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and 32 foreign countries under the brand names Carvel?, Cinnabon?, Schlotzsky''s?, Moe''s Southwest Grill?, and the franchisor of Seattle''s Best Coffee? on military bases and in certain international markets. Based in Atlanta, the primary objective of FOCUS Brands is to "FOCUS on making people happy." Please visit to learn more.

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